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Paragliding is a very popular activity among thrill-seekers. Flying through the sky with an exceptional view of an idyllic landscape guarantees an unforgettable experience. However, it is important to choose the right equipment for safe flying. The harness plays a very important role in this. Adrenaline Parapente tells you the criteria to consider when choosing this accessory.

What is a paragliding harness?

The harness is one of the most important parts of a paragliding equipment. It provides protection for the pilot and transmits information about the air mass. It is an indispensable piloting tool. The design and adjustment of the harness has a significant impact on the behaviour of the glider.

A good harness must be able to reduce the imbalance caused by turbulence and to limit movements, while favouring precise piloting. The choice of this accessory must be made with great care. The choice of a paragliding harness should be made with great care, especially as it will generally be kept for longer than a wing. The paragliding harness is made up of several elements:

  • the board on which the pilot sits,
  • the leg straps that hold the pilot during the flight,
  • the chest strap to load the glider at take-off,
  • Absorption systems to cushion falls,
  • the attachment points for the reserve.

Among the components of a paragliding harness, we can also find an anti-forgetting system, an accelerator or a parachute pocket.

Choose your accessory according to your level, your practice and your morphology

The level of practice, the type of practice as well as the morphology of the pilot are among the essential criteria to take into account when choosing a paragliding harness.

Your level

The choice of a harness must imperatively be made according to the level of practice. Depending on the number of hours flown per year, you can be considered a beginner, autonomous, confirmed or expert pilot. To qualify as an expert, you must be able to fly a distance and achieve more than 150 hours of flight per year.

Body type

Body shape is an essential point, because it has an impact on the stability of the harness, but also on the comfort and precision of piloting. One of the most important points is the width of the pelvis. The seat plate should be adapted to your pelvis for better comfort and piloting in the best conditions.

The volume and height of the chest are also important, as is the length of the legs. Do not hesitate to try out your paragliding harness beforehand to make sure that it is adapted to your morphology.

The type of flying

What kind of flying will your paragliding harness be used for? There are several types of flight, including :

  • site flying,
  • thermal flying,
  • distance flying,
  • hiking flight,
  • bivouac flight,
  • acrobatics, etc.

You can ask a professional to make sure you make the right choice.

Consider the important features of a harness

The design of the harness is an important factor in making your choice. Between stability, comfort and protection, it must allow you to fly in the best conditions.


The desired level of stability varies from pilot to pilot. While some people prefer very stable models, others prefer reactive harnesses. The wing of the paragliding equipment can also have an influence, as a lazy wing will go well with a harness that can give it dynamism. Conversely, a powerful wing will find its balance with a calm harness.


Because a flight can last for hours, a paragliding harness should offer maximum comfort. However, this is a subjective factor, as a light person will not feel the same as a strong person. In any case, it is essential to have the most even support that distributes the body weight properly.


If you have protection, make sure it is made to standard. PPE certification, for example, is a guarantee of quality. So look for the necessary information to make sure you make a good choice.

The different models

There are two main types of harness, the tray harness and the leg harness versions. The tray harness tends to filter the transmission of information. It also offers better damping and encourages more dynamic flying.

In the case of a leg harness, the pilot feels the movement of the wing in turbulence much more. The damping is also of lesser quality and the transmission is less direct than with a plate model. There is also a new trend, hybrid designs. This equipment seeks to use the strengths of both existing types, while eliminating their shortcomings.

Find out about the safety options of the harness

Safety is an important criterion. You should at least choose a harness with back protection. This is effective in limiting the impact of a fall from a low height. For optimum safety, the airbag or foam protection system is very useful.

The airbag offers real protection and excellent cushioning, but it is not very aerodynamic. Its effectiveness therefore decreases after an impact. In the case of a foam protection system, the damping quality depends on the thickness of the foam. The thicker it is, the better the damping.

At Adrenaline Paragliding, the harnesses we use are carefully selected to guarantee you optimal safety, but also a real comfort in flight. Our aim is to ensure that you have a unique experience in the best conditions. We take great care to ensure the quality of our equipment.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when choosing a good paragliding harness. Whatever your choice, it is important to make sure that the products you choose are of good quality and certified. Your safety is at stake.

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