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Our team of passionate instructors

This big family, amongst which a great atmosphere prevails, has been evolving together for many years.
All of them are passionate about paragliding and wish to share their love for this sport through a memorable experience. Each flight is different, each moment is unique.

  • Franck

    Paragliding, speed-riding and ski instructor - Director

    Paragliding and ski instructor since 2010. Franck is passionate of all mountain sports and of this beautiful region. You will find him in the lake every day for his morning swim before seeing him in the sky... managing his wild team of pilots!

  • Victor

    Paragliding instructor, technical director

    Paragliding instructor both in summer and winter, he is specialised in teaching and in safety management. Victor has more than 20 years of experience as a paraglider and still enjoys his passion today, especially when sharing it with his clients. 

  • Vincent aka Mouchon
    Vincent aka Mouchon

    Paragliding, skiing and sailing instructor & mountain guide

    With over 30 years of experience in paragliding, you will have no excuses to be scared when flying with Vincent. He is full of sotires, and you can be sure that if you spot a flower on your way up to take off, he will have something interesting to teach you about it.

  • Bastien aka Bast
    Bastien aka Bast

    Paragliding, speed-riding and ski instructor
    Bastien has been flying for 25 years and still has the same passion for this sport. He will be more than happy to take you up in the air, above the lake and around the sommets.
    Bastien is one of our specialists for long distance flights: just the man you need for our Prestige flights! 

  • Nico H.
    Nico H.

    Paragliding instructor and airplane pilot
    "Once you have tasted what it's like to fly you will always walk looking up to the sky, because you know that is where you were and that is where you will want to go back to"  Leonard from Montmin
    Nico will not only make you love philosophical quotes, he will also share his passion for this sport and for this beautiful region where he grew up in.

  • Benoît C.
    Benoît C.

    Paragliding instructor, cross country instructor & walking guide
    Paragliding instructor in summer and cross country instructor in winter, Benoit knows the mountains like the back of his hand. He will help you discover every aspect of the mountains around the lake.

  • Jérôme aka Djé
    Jérôme aka Djé

    Paragliding, speed-riding and Ski Instructor
    He will make you discover his passion and visit his summer office, always with a smile on and in a good mood! In winter, you can find him on the slopes in the Grand Bornand, skiing, speed riding or ski touring, whilst managing the ski club. He is the man you need for everything, and one of our best entertainers for the aperitif (Apéro'Bloch flight).

  • Guillaume aka Guigui
    Guillaume aka Guigui

    State certificate - Paragliding instructor

    Guillaume started paragliding in 2004 in the Vercors. Immediately "addicted" he didn't stop, until he made it his job. He is an excellent teacher and is at ease on "long" flights and adores "sensation" type flights as his true passion  lies in aerobatics. He likes to transmit and to listen to what surrounds him in order to make you live unforgettable moments

  • Julien

    State certificate - Paragliding instructor 
    15 years, almost half of his life consecrated to paragliding! Almost as much in competition throughout the World... After his studies Julien made the choice of dedicating 100% of his time to sharing and teaching! 
    Both in summer and in winter, his goal is to reassure you and make you fly in a good mood and with a smile on.

  • Erwan

    State certificate - Paragliding instructor - speed-riding instructor 
    Super instructor, some might even say the best! Erwan will know how to make you live a moment of rare intensity... 
    For real: Erwan has been passionate about mountain activities since a very young age. Paragliding remains for him the best way to discover our beautiful region.

  • Benoît P. aka Grand Ben
    Benoît P. aka Grand Ben

    State certificate - Paragliding instructor
    Paraglider since the age of 16, it was in 2009 that Benoît decided to stop his profession in the industry to devote 100% of his time to his passion for flying. For the past few years, it has always been with the same pleasure that Benoît has shared his passion and this view of the valley in 3 dimensions.

  • Eric

    State certificate - Paragliding instructor 
    Eric discovered paragliding in 1993 in the Vercors. Since then, he hasn’t come down from his cloud! 
    This environment just keeps on amazing him, and he will be delighted to share his passion with you.

  • Denis aka Den's
    Denis aka Den's

    State certificate - Paragliding instructor 
    Denis has been flying since 1998. A paragliding instructor in 2003, Denis also performed skydiving, base jump, speed-riding, microlight and parahawking... In winter he will be zooming down the slopes with a snowboard or telemark: the world of sliding fascinates him... Here's another passionate pilote at your service ! 


  • Maxime Pinot
    Maxime Pinot

    State certificate - Paragliding instructor - World champion 2014

    Maxime started paragliding at the age of 13 without ever stopping... Max became an instructor at the age of 19, in parallel with his competitive career: World Champion in 2014, European team champion in 2016, 2nd in the Red Bull X-Alps in 2019, Double World Champion in 2023 (solo and Team)... At 28, his passion for sharing and for performance in the air and in the mountains is still growing ...

  • Seb

    State certificate - Paragliding instructor - Ski and speed riding instructor 

    Ski instructor and paraglider, Seb is passionate about all oudoor sports! 
    He likes to communicate and is always motivated and in a good mood!

  • Maud

    State certificate - Paragliding instructor

    The discovery of paragliding during a tandem flight over the lake in Annecy made Maud want to learn. Very quickly, the need to share herpassion with others appeared! It is therefore quite naturally that Maud made paragliding her profession. After a few years, she still takes great pleasure in feeling the relief and pride of the passengers just after takeoff, and seeing their big smiles after landing ! 

  • Guillaume dit Tourloup
    Guillaume dit Tourloup

    State certificate - Paragliding instructor

    Guillaume started flying in 1996 in his uncle's paragliding school in the Tarentaise region. He very quickly fell in love with flying in mountainous environments, whether it be for long flights or for hiking-flights, and will, without a doubt, share with you his enthusiasm to be up in the air.
    There's only one thing that crosses his mind when he is back on solid ground: get back up there.

  • Vincent

    State certificate - Paragliding instructor

    Certified in 2019, Vincent started flying back in 2011. Immeditely hooked, he changed his life around and gave up everything to live off his passion, and has since then taken great pleasure in welcoming you into his new office. Always with a smile on, and in a good mood: come and fly with Vincent.

  • Franck aka Bobby
    Franck aka Bobby

    State certificate - Paragliding instructor

    Up in the sky since 2002, and instructor since 2011, Franck is passionate about flying. He is dedicated to his passion all year round, on top of a few hunting expeditions.
    Just as comfortable up in the air than on the ground: he feels at home in the mountains.

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