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For a sensational and safe flight, the choice of glider is more than essential: it is strategic ! Should a beginner be satisfied with an A? And for the other categories, is it better to opt for the top or the bottom of the range ? And what about PTV in all this ? Stop there! From Annecy, Méribel or Courchevel, the Adrenaline Paragliding team shares its 5 tips to help you in the purchase of your wing.


1. Respect your level of practice and don't let your ego get the upper hand

The choice of category is THE first step before buying your future sail. But it is also at this time that some people feel that they are growing wings... So, we try to remain objective :

You just got out of training and start paragliding : an A will help you to develop good habits and reassure you about your flying skills;
You've been flying for some time now and you progress with each escapade : bet on a B which will allow you to evolve even more;
You have been paragliding for several years and aim for performance : a C will be perfect to meet your requirements.


2. Think about your TWP (Total Flying Weight)

No need to stick your head in the sand and think you're going to lose 10 kg or gain weight before summer. No, when you choose your glider, you must use your PTV at time T! And if you are thinking about how to calculate your TWF in paragliding?

So take out your usual flying clothes, your paragliding bag, your harness and climb on the scale. Then we add the weight of the wing... and here is the PTV! 

All you have to do now is to sort through all the wings in your category by betting on the models at the top of the PTV.

If you are still unsure about how to choose your paragliding equipment, don't hesitate to ask for advice!


3. Flying with a wing at its level rather than a wing that is too high performance

Always choose a kite that suits your habits and your level of practice: this will save you from spending your money unnecessarily on equipment that you feel uncomfortable with. 

So, if you like to fly quietly and wander around in the air, then a low-range glider will fit you like a glove. On the other hand, if you like fast and lively models, then a top of the range wing will suit you better.


4. Ask your paragliding school for advice

If there is one person who will be able to help you choose the right glider for you, it is your instructor. 

He has followed you during your initiation or even improvement course. He knows you and has observed you well. His experience will be of great help to you, so don't hesitate to ask him for his opinion on one or more models. He will be able to guide you in your purchase.


5. Test it! 

It is absolutely ESSENTIAL ! And for good reason, only a flight test will allow you to validate (or not!) your choice. That's when you will know if it is THE glider of your dreams. Do you feel as comfortable as a fish in water? Then you've found the right shoe for you ! 

Our little extra : There are more and more paragliders who wish to buy so-called "mountain" gliders. They are lighter and they can be used for "on site" flights, not only in the mountains, because of their more advantageous weight for walking... Even the harness is reversible: thanks to the backpack which is designed to become a harness once it is turned over. Practical !

Apply these few tips and we assure you to find the pearl for flights as intense as they are secure.

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