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Paragliding is an aerial sport that offers the paraglider a unique flying experience. Are you interested in this sport and its different practices? Wondering if you can go paragliding anywhere? Adrenaline Parapente is your guide!

Site flying, the most common form of paragliding

Site flying is the most classic form of paragliding and is suitable for beginners. This paragliding activity can be done in several ways. You have the easy launch site flight. This involves easy take-offs and flights in calm, stable conditions.

You can practice it on low hills or gentle slopes. We make this type of flying accessible to beginners with an EN-A or EN-B glider. If you are a beginner, we recommend an introductory course at a specialised school to master the various manoeuvres. This has an impact on the level of the paraglider and allows you to know the code that governs this practice.

The other technique for flying on site is the difficult take-off. This type of paragliding is usually done on higher mountain sites. The difficulty here is with changing weather conditions and stronger winds. We recommend difficult launch flying to intermediate pilots. They can do it with an EN-B or EN-C glider. In France, advanced training in a paragliding school is required to master this paragliding practice.

Cross country paragliding

Cross-country paragliding is the practice of flying long distances between several take-off sites. It is carried out with the ascending air currents in order to fly as long as possible. This technique is not accessible to everyone. You must be an experienced pilot. You need to be trained and have advanced experience in paragliding and navigation. You also need to be able to read the weather and air currents to plan your flight. Our blog contains a more detailed article that explains how does a paraglider fly.

For cross-country paragliding, it is essential to have a glider suitable for the activity. The equipment should be EN-C or EN-D certified for good performance and stability at altitude. Semi-light gliders are also popular for cross country flying. They combine performance and lightness.

Acrobatic flight: for experienced paraglider pilots

Acrobatic paragliding is an advanced activity that involves performing aerobatics. You can perform rolls, loops, wing-overs and spirals during your flight. The aim is to master the techniques of piloting and controlling the glider in difficult situations.

To practice aerobatics, you need a glider with an EN-D certification or higher. This type of equipment also makes it easier for the pilot to manoeuvre. Stunt gliders are generally smaller and lighter than standard paragliders. This makes it easier to move and manoeuvre in flight.

Paragliding is a very demanding sport and requires specialised training in aerobatic flying. Advanced paragliding experience is highly recommended. We would like to remind you that acrobatic flight presents important risks. These risks include speed loss and loss of control of the wings. You must therefore respect the safety rules. These are strict in terms of preparation, checking of equipment and speed limits.

Soaring and rando flight, for strong sensations in paragliding

Soaring is a paragliding practice that consists of playing with the wind as it rises along a relief. The latter can be a slope, a cliff, a dune, etc. It provokes ascents allowing you to fly without descending. You play close to the ground or to the earth. Very popular with paragliders, this game is addictive and provides a lot of adrenaline.

We recommend rando flying to nature and paragliding lovers. Very sportive, this activity consists, for the paraglider, to reach the summit on foot. This type of paragliding is done with light material (the wing) with a maximum weight of 5 kg. Some newer models weigh less than 1.5 kg for the glider and harness!

Paragliding offers a wide range of activities, from site flying to soaring to hiking. Would you like to make one of these paragliding flights? Adrenaline Parapente is a team of professionals specialised in these different practices. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced amateur, one of our experienced instructors will provide you with personalized assistance.

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