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Paragliding is a great way to take to the skies and experience the thrill of the open air. However, this activity can cause apprehension among beginners. Is it possible to be afraid of heights when paragliding? What are the sensations felt during a paragliding flight? Adrenaline Parapente explains it all to you.

Is paragliding scary?

Many people feel apprehensive about taking up paragliding, and this is mostly due to fear of the unknown. This is because the mind reacts differently when the situation is unknown.

Keep in mind that there is nothing scary about paragliding. Once you start, the fear you feel at the beginning of the activity quickly gives way to excitement. What's more, you'll have professional, knowledgeable instructors on hand to help you. They are understanding and reassuring, and will answer all your questions and guide you to make your first paragliding experience as enjoyable as possible.

Are you afraid of heights when paragliding?

Many people mistakenly think that flying so high can make them dizzy. However, this is not the case. It is important not to confuse vertigo with the fear of heights, also known as acrophobia. Vertigo only occurs when the feet touch the ground.

The feeling of spinning head is therefore felt when you are high up with your feet on the ground and you look into the void. For example, walking along a cliff during an aerial tour can make you feel dizzy. In paragliding, the body is not in contact with the ground. It is therefore impossible to feel dizzy when paragliding.

Are you afraid of heights when paragliding?

It is possible to experience a slight fear of heights when paragliding. Fear of heights is that feeling of panic that some people may feel at the thought of being high above the void.

This feeling can be overcome if you really want to. Fear of heights can also occur when doing activities such as tree climbing and bungee jumping.

To overcome the fear of heights, we advise you to look far ahead and not into the void. Try to breathe calmly and concentrate on the activity you are doing. Also remember to eat well before your first paragliding experience.

How does it feel to paraglide?

Apprehension often makes us wonder what it feels like to paraglide. A paragliding flight gives you a feeling of great freedom. Paragliding allows you to glide and float freely in the sky. You can feel the wind pleasantly caressing your face and fly over the mountains.

You can enjoy a new view of the beautiful landscape below you. Performing a few acrobatic tricks in the air offers you a thrill that is out of the ordinary.

With the exceptional view of the surrounding landscape, you are sure to enjoy this unique moment. When you land, you will only want to return to the air to relive these pleasant sensations.

vertigo in paragliding
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