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The calculation of the total weight in flight (TWF) is essential for safe paragliding. This data allows the pilot to stay within the range of the glider's TWF specified by the manufacturer in order to anticipate how the glider will behave in the event of a flight incident. Also called total flying weight, the TWF also helps you to control the reactions of your paraglider during certain specific phases of flight (take-off, ears, flare...). Discover our advice on Adrenaline Parapente to calculate your TWF in paragliding.

The total weight in flight, calculation method

In reality, your TWF is the total sum of the following elements :

  • your naked weight,
  • the weight of your clothes and flight accessories (helmet, radio, water bag...),
  • the weight of your paraglider wing (the wing loading),
  • the weight of the reserve parachute,
  • the weight of your harness.

Ultimately, the TWF includes the exact weight of the paraglider pilot and all the equipment used to take off. The first method of determining the TWF is to know the actual value of the various items listed and add them up.

However, for greater accuracy, we recommend that you use the second technique. In addition to being accurate, this technique is very easy to use. It consists of getting on a scale with your bag ready to fly. With this method of calculation, you will know exactly what your paragliding TWF is so that you stay within the weight range recommended by the manufacturer.

Our advice for safe paragliding

As with any free flight sport, paragliding involves several risks. To fly safely and avoid accidents, you must take precautions and respect certain safety rules.

Having a good level of paragliding piloting

Before flying a paraglider, it is necessary to have a good command of piloting and landing techniques. We therefore advise you to take a course or a training course in a specialised school. This will allow you to acquire the necessary skills and know-how for safe paragliding.

A good paragliding course helps you to master the following aspects :

  • analysis of the weather conditions before the flight,
  • managing trajectories during the flight,
  • managing the speed of flight,
  • techniques for gaining altitude (thermals, updrafts, etc.),
  • management or control of stress factors in paragliding,
  • methods of piloting the paraglider in turbulent areas...

With Adrenaline Parapente, you are sure to have a safe paragliding experience.

Choose your flying equipment correctly

The quality and condition of the flying equipment also plays a crucial role. If you have an unsuitable wing or glider, incidents may occur during the flights. Make sure you choose the right model of wing, good shoes, a good helmet and a good reserve parachute.

Choosing a seat with back protection also increases the safety of the pilot during flights.

Keep an eye on your fitness

Paragliding requires a lot of energy. Before flying, make sure you are in excellent physical condition. If you are convalescent, tired or out of shape, it is best not to fly. In addition to physical fitness, mental health is also important. For example, if you lack concentration, you will find it difficult to be cautious and anticipate a fall.

In order to be able to paraglide comfortably, it is essential to know your total weight in flight. As a pilot, it helps you to stay within the weight range for which the glider was designed. The TWF allows you to know your personal limits so that you can fly safely without exposing yourself to the risk of accidents.

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