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You dream of discovering the thrills of free flight and flying over the most beautiful landscapes of Annecy and Haute-Savoie, but hesitate between paragliding and hang gliding? In this article, we explain the differences between these two exceptional free flight activities? But if they are different in many ways, they are similar in one thing : the adrenaline dose felt as soon as you take off !


The characteristics of hang-gliding

The hang glider consists of a lightweight triangular fabric and a rigid base to which a harness is attached, allowing the pilot to lie down. During a hang-gliding flight, you simply feel like you are flying like a bird! The aircraft is very fast and can travel at up to 100 km/h! The take-off is usually from a sloping height where you launch quickly. This creates tension in the harness and allows the take-off. During the flight, you can control the speed and direction of the aircraft with the trapeze. And to land, you approach the runway by pushing the hang glider's wings upwards to regain an almost vertical position. As you approach the ground, you have to walk quickly and then slow down gradually.
Now you know how does a hang glider works!


The characteristics of paragliding

Unlike the hang glider, which has a rigid sail, the paraglider has a flexible sail that stretches under the pressure of the wind. The aircraft is slower than a hang glider, reaching 40 km/h as opposed to 100 km/h. Another difference is the position: in the paraglider, you sit in a small harness in front of your instructor and let yourself go to contemplate the landscape. In a tandem flight, your guide will show you the Haute-Savoie in a new light. He will control the aircraft by mastering the turns and the speed. The landing will be smooth, and you will return to the ground safely, walking quickly.


Paragliding or hang-gliding: how to choose?

Before choosing between paragliding and hang-gliding, it is best to first understand the differences in the structure of the wing itself. 

Paragliding takes the form of a wide canopy. The canopy is initially flexible (it looks like a simple heap of fabric) and becomes rigid once in the air, under the pressure of the wind. With the paraglider, you will be comfortably seated on a sort of harness in front of your instructor. 

The hang-glider, on the other hand, has a V-shaped metal structure to which the wing is attached. More aerodynamic, it moves quickly: it can reach 100 km/h compared to 40 km/h for the paraglider. But above all, during a hang gliding flight, you are in the reclining position and that changes everything !  

So, if you want to fly like a bird and live an unforgettable moment full of adrenaline, hang-gliding is for you ! 

On the other hand, if you prefer a bit of calm and serenity, perfect for admiring Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains from the sky, paragliding should appeal to you. But if you feel like it, aerobatics are always possible !

These two activities, proposed by the team of professional instructors of Adrenaline Parapente, are a real moment of escape for yourself or to offer as a gift to your loved ones who love strong sensations !


Aerial activities to fill up with sensations 

It is the novelty of this year 2020 at Adrénaline Parapente : we offer you hang gliding flights.

Just like paragliding flights, you have the choice: from a 15-minute baptism to a Prestige Plus flight lasting more than an hour, let yourself be carried through the air for your greatest pleasure !

And for unforgettable memories, why not embark on an ApéroBloch' ? After a hang-gliding or paragliding flight over Lake Annecy, the sunset (and above all, a platter of the best local produce) awaits you at the Col de la Forclaz !

The more sporty may prefer the Bike & Fly flight. On the programme : paragliding or hang gliding baptism, mountain bike rental and wellness area at your disposal !

So, are you ready ?

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