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Paragliding is an aerial sport that gives you an adrenalin rush. To practise it calmly, you need to ensure your safety. This requires good preparation and compliance with certain rules. You need to be well prepared, including choosing the right equipment and assessing the weather conditions. During the flight, you must respect the pitfalls associated with the environment. It's also essential to take into account your own skills and adopt the right behaviour to ensure that the session runs smoothly. Adrénaline Parapente, your paragliding expert in Annecy, reveals the mistakes to avoid in this activity.

Preparation mistakes

Paragliding remains a risky activity if it is not properly prepared. Its success depends mainly on the weather conditions in the area you wish to explore. It also depends on your skills and the condition of your equipment.

Poor assessment of weather conditions

Weather conditions vary considerably from one season to another. However, they can be unsuitable at certain times, even in the calmest seasons. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, it's a mistake to ignore the weather forecast.

They allow you to analyse the danger of the activity so that you can make informed decisions. They enable you to assess the risks correctly and determine the best time to take to the skies, for example. If necessary, you will have to postpone your experience or choose the different types of paragliding best suited to the weather conditions. It's important to understand how the weather can affect your flight. This will help you to be aware of the issues and to remain cautious in your decision-making.

Inadequate equipment and insufficient skills

The success of your outdoor sporting activities also depends on the equipment you have. Using unsuitable equipment or equipment in poor condition is a mistake you should never make. Faulty equipment increases the risk of mishaps in flight and compromises your well-being in the event of a problem. It is imperative that you avoid taking to the skies with unsuitable equipment.

Make sure that your paraglider meets all the necessary requirements and is faultless. That's why we advise you to turn to serious clubs that provide adventurers with standard accessories. At Adrénaline Parapente, we make sure that we only offer equipment that is in good condition to guarantee you the safest possible experience during your first flight.

To ensure that your equipment does not malfunction, carry out the necessary checks before the flight. If you don't do them properly, you're putting yourself at risk. So take the time to check the various components thoroughly. You need to be in good physical condition to fly a paraglider safely. Practising this aerial sport without training or skills is one of the mistakes you absolutely must avoid. Beginners can certainly take up this activity, but not on their own. They must be guided by an experienced instructor.

Attempting a flight without adequate training or with insufficient skills can only harm you. If you are poorly trained or do not have the necessary skills, you will not know all the safety rules and will not be able to understand them.

Flight errors

During the flight, a certain number of rules must be observed. These may vary slightly from one site to another, due to the particularities of each one. Failure to take these into account is a mistake that must be avoided if your flight is to go off without a hitch. When choosing a launch site, you need to make sure you assess the obstacles and topography correctly. If the site has areas over which it is forbidden to fly, you must comply with the instructions during your flight.

It is also important to avoid mishandling the glider, particularly during take-off and landing. Making mistakes in handling the controls can considerably affect your flight and your overall experience. You need to understand how does a paraglider fly and make sure you don't misjudge the landing trajectory. This prevents you from ending up in a tree or facing an obstacle.

For a better experience, we recommend that you keep in mind where you need to land. It's a good idea to look at where you want to land and not at the nearby obstacle, whose presence will confuse you.

Attitude and behaviour errors

Making hasty decisions is a mistake with far-reaching consequences. So make sure you take well-considered decisions. Above all, respect the rules in force at your site. Even if it's sometimes tempting to do so when conditions are favourable, don't fly over dangerous areas. Similarly, don't ignore potentially dangerous situations. Take the necessary steps to avoid them. For example, it is advisable to avoid following another paraglider closely, as its wake can cause enough turbulence to cause a collapse. Similarly, you should avoid turbulent areas (e.g. rotating winds near mountains) and those with hidden obstacles such as power lines.

Don't overestimate your skills either. Avoid attempting manoeuvres beyond your skill level. This will save you from many setbacks. Another mistake is neglecting communication and coordination with other paragliders. It is of the utmost importance to communicate with other pilots and observers on the ground. They can guide you and give you valuable advice. And whatever your level, don't make the mistake of ignoring or minimising the risks. It could cost you dearly.

To improve your skills, Adrénaline Parapente encourages you to follow appropriate training and to maintain a responsible attitude. We also recommend that you exercise caution in your flying, for greater safety.

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