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Paragliding is an exciting, rewarding and entertaining sport that continues to grow in popularity. To fly paragliders safely and minimize the risk of accidents, you need to comply with certain regulations in force in France. Adrénaline Parapente presents the national regulations governing paragliding in France, and in particular in Annecy.

National regulations for paragliding in France

In France, the "Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile" (DGAC) is responsible for the safety and security of air transport. Its actions are part of a sustainable development approach. To be a paragliding pilot in France, you need to have the following certificates:

  • initial license: certifies a person's ability to fly unassisted in suitable conditions,
  • pilot's license: attests to the pilot's ability to find out about the flying conditions of a site,
  • confirmed pilot's license: can be used to enter competitions.

As with all other PULs (delta and paragliding), to paraglide in France, you must first have the agreement of the town hall, air liability insurance and the consent of the landowners. What's more, only areas classified E and G are authorized for paragliding. To fly a paraglider in France, the Ministry of Sport requires you to wear a helmet, whatever your level.

Annecy, a paragliding paradise

With over 130,000 flights every year, Annecy is one of the most popular destinations for paragliding. It boasts one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, making it the ideal place for paragliding. To enjoy this activity in Annecy in the best weather and aerological conditions, the best time to schedule your flight is between April and November. Are you tempted by a first flight or an exploration of the Annecy landscape from the air? Check out our best paragliding flights for this summer for a unique experience.
Annecy has a mountainous climate. It rains on average 10 days a month, with varying rainy periods. Before scheduling a paragliding flight, find out about the weather conditions in the area. If weather conditions change at the last minute, your flight may be cancelled. In the region, you can take off from a number of sites, including Col de La Forclaz, Coche Cabane, Le Grand-Bornand... A landing zone has been set up at Doussard, south of the lake, to ensure the safety of paragliders, and a second at Talloires.

Tips for paragliders in Annecy

As in other regions of France, you need to be well informed about the safety rules to be observed when paragliding in Annecy. Here are a few precautions for pilots wishing to fly near this town:

  • take local training courses to obtain your license,
  • make sure you have a medical certificate if you plan to paraglide unassisted,
  • find out about the weather and flying conditions in Annecy,
  • dress for the season,
  • check your equipment before you set off,
  • check your liability insurance.

If you want to paraglide in Annecy, you need to cooperate with the local authorities and paragliding community.
To fly your paraglider in France, you need a brevet B, BP or BPC, depending on the skills you wish to have. Helmets are also compulsory. If you're planning to explore Annecy's marvellous landscapes by paraglider, you'll need to cooperate with the authorities, find out about the weather conditions and exercise caution. You'll be sure to enjoy the experience.

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