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Would you like to treat yourself to a unique experience with your four-legged friend? Then you should know that it's possible to take your dog on a paragliding experience! However, you'll need to take into account safety rules such as the dog's size and weight, and a minimum amount of equipment. But you also need to be attentive to your pet's needs and well-being. So if you're ready to take the plunge, here's what you need to remember!

Safety considerations

One of the most important safety considerations when paragliding with your dog is the use of a harness. This is a key piece of equipment during the flight, especially if your dog starts to get restless. What's more, you also need to consider his position for a tandem flight. Lying on your thighs, between your legs, in your arms... Above all, make sure you consider your pet's well-being while respecting its limits.

Dogs also suffer from altitude. It is therefore essential to look out for signs of discomfort such as rapid breathing, coughing, apathy or despondency. In these circumstances, it is imperative to descend to the lower level to avoid possible trauma.

However, paragliding with your dog can also be a way of discovering new smells and new landscapes. In fact, it's an extraordinary experience to be shared by two for an unforgettable moment. In fact, there are several clubs in France where you can book a paragliding flight this summer with your pet.

Preparation and equipment

In terms of preparation and the equipment you need for a first paragliding experience with your dog, everything will be provided directly for the master, depending on your height and weight. For the dog, ideally you need a harness that's adapted to the dog's size and weight. Designed like a helicopter harness, it offers maximum safety and comfort by covering most of the dog's body.

In addition, there are handles to stabilise the dog during the flight. If you've decided to go paragliding in the cooler months of the year, you'll also need to cover your pooch with a specially adapted coat. Finally, you should always consider your pet's well-being before taking the plunge.

Listening is essential, especially for signs of appeasement. If you notice your pet licking its nose, yawning regularly or blinking its eyes, don't force it to take off. These are signs that reflect his stress and can lead to real trauma.

Experiences and testimonials

Owners who have tried paragliding with their dogs are unanimous: it's an indescribable experience! Several hundred metres above the ground, it's a chance to discover new sights, smells and sounds together. During a first flight, you can also rest and relax for a very rewarding experience.

Legal aspects and regulations

Among the legal aspects and regulations to be complied with when taking your dog paragliding, you obviously need to keep an eye on the regulations governing animals in parks and natural areas. Some areas protect local wildlife and ecosystems by prohibiting the presence of dogs.

You also need to be careful with fences and cattle. What's more, it's essential to take into account your pet's abilities and any obstacles that could endanger or stress it. Because animal welfare is at the heart of the experience, you need to listen carefully and watch out for any signs of imbalance or instability.

Alternatives and advice

To ensure that your first paragliding experience with your dog goes as smoothly as possible, you should opt for a short flight on a sunny day. Ideally, you should avoid windy conditions, which could spoil the experience. And always keep an eye on your four-legged friend for signs of stress. Among the alternatives often suggested, you can also try canicross or cani-rando, two activities that are just as much fun to do on the ground!


In conclusion, you can take your dog paragliding for the first time. However, it depends on a number of criteria in terms of safety, preparation and equipment. Because your pet's well-being and enjoyment must be an absolute priority, it's essential to listen to him and respect his needs and limits throughout your project. That's what guarantees you a highly rewarding experience, with pleasure shared and multiplied tenfold, just the two of you!

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