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You are now ready to make your first paragliding flight over the majestic Lake Annecy! You know how to dress and you’ve taken a look at the must-see sites you’ll be able to admire: the blue of Lake Annecy or Lake Leman, the snow-covered peaks (the Aravis and La Clusaz mountain passes, and further away the Mont-Blanc), the pine forests, the roofs of the pretty houses of the old town of Annecy… You’ll be amazed! And to immortalise this experience, what better way than to film it? Here are our tips!

Which camera to use ?

Filming in mid-air, at several metres altitude, is not the same as filming a hike or a walk in town. So you need to choose the right equipment. Whether you decide to invest in an action camera (better known as an action cam), use your family camcorder, or your latest smartphone, you need to check that they meet the following conditions. Firstly, a good resolution to ensure the quality of your shots. We recommend 4K, which is optimal. The full HD 1080i and 1080p resolutions will not disappoint you either, as the rendering is exceptional. Finally, the HD resolution, which is a little less optimal but nevertheless effective. The price of your camera will vary according to this first criterion. The second important condition is optical stability to ensure that your video does not make you seasick! This option is now common and easy to find on many devices, including smartphones. Finally, the field of vision is a condition not to be neglected: favour 170 and 360° models to obtain sharp wide-angle shots. 

How to film your paragliding flight ?

First of all, remember that when you are in flight, if you handle a camera it can be dangerous. You should therefore supplement your equipment with a headband that attaches to your helmet or chest harness to hold your camera. This will also prevent your film from being too « shaky » and therefore viewing will be more enjoyable! Once the equipment is installed, start recording before take-off and check the angle, then enjoy! Another option, during your first paragliding experience, your pilot, in a tandem flight, can also suggest filming your flight using the camera attached to a telescopic pole, the opportunity for you to have a wide angle video without worrying about the set up!

So, to keep in memory all the thrills you felt during your flight, what better way than to watch your video and share it with your friends and family ? Our team of professionals at Adrenaline Parapente offer you a photo and video pack for each flight, but if you are a regular and have a suitable camera, don’t forget it !

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