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Paragliding is a leisure activity that attracts more and more people looking for pleasure and thrills in the air. To discover this activity, what could be better than to test a tandem flight in the company of an instructor? Are you about to make your first paragliding experience? Here’s everything you need to know about tandem paragliding.

Tandem paragliding flight: what is it?

The tandem paragliding flight, also called tandem paragliding, is an aerial flight performed by two people, depending on the type of flight: a professional pilot when it is a paid flight or a federally qualified pilot when it is an associative flight and of course, a passenger. Having above all an educational purpose, tandem paragliding flight does not exclude the feeling of pleasure, one of the many sensations when paragliding.

The piloting of a tandem is different from that of a solo glider. Generally, the tandem paraglider has a larger canopy, two harnesses with spacers connecting the pilot to the passenger. The passenger is always placed in front of the pilot in order to guarantee the pleasure of a flight accompanied by a professional !

Necessary equipment and suitable clothing for a tandem flight

To make a tandem flight, the passenger must wear clothes according to the weather. Thus, a warm jacket and gloves (scarf, high boots such as snow boots for example) will be necessary in cold weather. However, in summer, a windbreaker, closed shoes such as sneakers and trousers will be sufficient.

Other equipment will also be necessary such as: sail (of course), helmet, sunglasses (to avoid having the wind in your eyes and enjoy the view in peace). People with reduced mobility can also enjoy a tandem flight thanks to an adapted wheelchair.

The pilot makes sure that his passenger is in optimal safety conditions before each flight. Also, the necessary equipment is provided on the spot, accompanied by a safety briefing, and a check of the safety organs is carried out. This is called a pre-flight.

Stages of tandem paragliding flight

A two-seater flight essentially consists of three phases: take-off, flight and landing.

  • Take-off

The take-off is done on a high surface (mountain, hill, etc.) chosen according to the weather conditions. The pilot is responsible for preparing the necessary equipment and getting you in your harness. He then takes care of all other details (inflation and ascent of the wing).

The take-off is fairly easy. As a passenger, all you have to do is give it some momentum. And off you go! You are in the air. Small precision: Stay standing until the pilot asks you to sit down: safety first!

  • The flight

During the flight, the pilot is in charge of steering the glider. The passenger can lean over to help him in his manoeuvre. A passenger who is very comfortable in the air can take the controls depending on the aerological conditions of the moment. The flight is the time to contemplate the landscape, to have fun and even to take some nice pictures. You can prolong the pleasure by using the ascendances (hot air currents), that is to say take height, and go even further, longer!

  • The landing

When the landing arrives, the pilot gives some explanations to the passenger. The passenger will be asked to gradually stand up and/or run. He will only need to take a few steps. All these movements are used to land as smoothly as possible.

Some useful information about tandem paragliding flight

It is important to know that a paraglider flies between 35 and 40 km/h. A tandem flight usually costs between 80 and 200 euros depending on the type of flight and its duration.

Tandem paragliding flight does not require any particular physical condition and there is no age limit. The desire to fly is enough! Remember also that there are several types of tandem paragliding flights. Depending on the sensations you are looking for, you can choose a discovery flight, sensations, duration, trekking, etc.

In terms of safety, don’t be afraid. The instructor who accompanies you is trained and has the necessary skills and rescue equipment (parachute) to prevent all risks during a flight. 

So have a good flight !!

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