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Paragliding is an exciting activity that allows its enthusiasts to practice free flight. This thrilling aerial sport gives you the chance to spend some exceptional moments in the air, guided by the wind. To get the most out of this activity, it’s best to do it during the most favourable months. These are mainly September and October. Autumn offers unique weather conditions that guarantee an unforgettable experience. The beauty of the landscape during this season provides an idyllic backdrop for the enjoyment of adventurers. What’s more, there are few crowds during these months, which offers you a number of advantages. Adrénaline Parapente, your expert for paragliding flights in Annecy, sheds light on the magic months for practising this activity.

Favourable weather conditions

September and October are the best months for paragliding. They are mild and favourable for long flights, and are particularly suitable for beginners. Good resorts mean that beginners can enjoy their sessions for a long time. During this period, the temperatures are pleasant and the winds are generally calm. You can descend the mountains in complete peace of mind, as the valley breezes are less powerful.

While it’s true that the updrafts are gentler during this season, they are nonetheless constant. This allows paragliders to gain altitude and thus prolong their flight. Note that if you prefer to paraglide in summer, you should expect more dynamic thermal currents. Unlike summer, which is thunderstorm season, autumn does not offer conditions that change rapidly throughout the day.

Unlike spring, the weather in September and October is neither turbulent nor strong. And, unlike winter, they are not harsh. The sun isn’t blazing and the air isn’t frigid – on the contrary, the sun heats you up less and you can enjoy a more even air mass.

The beauty of autumn landscapes

In autumn, nature changes its scenery, offering paragliders breathtaking panoramas. The authentic charm of this season allows you to admire the wild, natural beauty of the landscape. The trees change colour and fallen leaves adorn the paths. The sunsets are a memorable experience, set against a backdrop of brilliantly coloured vegetation.

Taking to the skies from the top of a mountain at the end of the day is a particularly warm experience in September and October. You’ll be able to contemplate shimmering streams, colourful trees, enchanting forests and skies as far as the eye can see.

This calm season, for example, is ideal for a tandem paragliding flight over the mountains or valleys marked by the pretty autumn colours.

Reduced attendance

While the summer is a popular time for paragliding, the same cannot be said for the autumn. In September and October, the number of visitors drops considerably. Paragliding sites are less busy after the summer, which is a major advantage for those who choose this season. You’ll be able to enjoy the peace and quiet away from the stresses of summer. 

During this period, you won’t have to worry about equipment availability. You can take full advantage of the instructors’ attention, for an unforgettable experience. Among the places where the reduction in crowds is noticeable are the Col du Banchet, the Dijon site in Aussois and certain spots in Annecy.

The months of September and October are considered magical because the weather conditions are ideal for paragliding. The landscape at this time of year is remarkably beautiful. Added to this is the fact that there are few crowds during this period. This allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet and benefit particularly from the attention of the professionals. 

At Adrénaline Parapente, we encourage you to take advantage of the wonders of this season with our offers for a unique paragliding experience. You can contact paragliding schools or join a club to find out more about the opportunities available to you at this time of year.

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