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Paragliding flight the Sensational flight

Paragliding flight the Sensational flight

15 to 20 min
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Price :140€

Description of the sensations flight

Acrobatic paragliding is the flight of all sensations! With this formula, discover the capabilities of our paragliding wings and get ready to experience an intense moment above Lake Annecy.

On the programme, a few turns in the thermals to gain altitude, then the instructor will introduce you to aerobatics (swinging, 360° type acrobatics in the air...). You will land with a smile and the desire to do it again!


This flight takes place in the afternoon only, so that the weather conditions allow you to enjoy the thermals. The duration of the flight is 15 to 20 minutes because the speed for the acrobatics reduces the flight time.


This flight is possible from February to October.


Course of the sensations flight

At the top of the Forclaz pass, a place known for its plunging view on the Annecy basin and the lake of Annecy, you will be taken in charge by the Adrenaline team who will explain you the safety rules and will then equip you with a helmet and a harness.

The take-off will be very smooth, you will just have to trot and let yourself be carried by the canopy.


Once in the air, your pilot will head towards the areas most favourable to thermals so that you can gain altitude. Once you are high, he will suggest various acrobatics such as 360° or the swing for a moment rich in sensations.


Once the time is up, you will head to the landing site where you will land gently. 


Beware, if you have motion sickness, you may experience the same sensations during the sensation flight. If this is the case, we recommend a quieter flight that will not make you sick.

Characteristics and key points of the paragliding experience

  • Duration of the flight: 15 to 20 minutes
  • The price includes the price of the flight and the compulsory insurance
  • The flight takes place in the afternoon, from the end of February to October but we are open every day, all year round
  • The minimum weight requirement is 50kg
  • The weight limit is 95kg
  • Photos and videos offered, please bring a blank micro SD card class 10 of 8GB minimum per person to be able to retrieve the images


Equipment to bring for your flight

  • Closed shoes that fit your feet
  • A windbreaker or a jumper (long sleeves)
  • Sunglasses
  • Clothing adapted to the weather
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