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Paragliding is an exceptional experience in itself! Imagine: you take off and fly over the beautiful region of Haute-Savoie. Within sight, marvelous landscapes: mountains, valleys, lakes, forests…
The Haute-Savoie, known primarily for its ski slopes, also has the merit of being one of the best sites for paragliding. There are many mountain sides from which you can take off, carried by the wind. So, which are the best spots to take off? Our team shares with you the best spots !

Above the lakes…

Two emblematic lakes, seen from the sky, are you tempted? You can choose between Lake Annecy and Lake Leman. Lake Annecy is famous for its beauty and its azure colors. To fly over it is to see the lake in all its splendor, to see the Forclaz pass, the famous Pâquier, the Bauges massif. The Leman lake is known to extend from France to Switzerland. Of glacial origin, it is the largest alpine lake and it ranges from blue to purple. 

Whether you choose one or the other, your paragliding flight will be the perfect opportunity to discover the Haute-Savoie and its magnificent colors, which merge the blue of the sky and the blue of the lake.

The unmissable Lake Annecy

How can you miss Lake Annecy when visiting the beautiful region of Haute-Savoie? It is without a doubt the perfect place to try paragliding and admire its different shades of blue from the sky. The main take-offs are on the east side of the lake and you can choose to take off from the Planfait area (950 m) in the Commune of Talloires or from the Col de la Forclaz (1250 m), depending on your level. 

The tranquillity of Lake Geneva

Just as beautiful as Lake Annecy, Lake Geneva is also a perfect spot for paragliding, thanks to its microclimate which allows all thrill seekers to fly all year round! Take-offs are generally made from the Mont Salève, which offers a superb view of Geneva.

Over the snowy passes…

The pretty village of La Clusaz

La Clusaz is a small village full of charm and surprises! Mostly known for its ski slopes, it is also a great spot for a sensational paragliding flight. In general, the take-off takes place on a slope at more than 1800 meters. In a tandem seat, you can observe the authenticity of the small wooden chalets that dot the village, but also the famous Aravis massif, the valleys and the snowy summits. A perfect blend of mountain and heritage.

How about a paragliding flight over the Aravis pass and admire the Clusaz massif? A unique opportunity to admire its wide open spaces, its snow-covered summits, its pretty wooden chalets, its valleys and peaks of green trees… Otherwise, opt for the Forclaz pass. Culminating at more than 1140 meters, it is a perfect and very easy access site to discover the Haute-Savoie. Up there, as far as the eye can see: mountainous massifs, valleys and the blue of the Annecy lake…

The majestic Col de la Forclaz

Located a few kilometres south of Lake Annecy, the Col de la Forclaz reaches an altitude of no less than 1140 metres. It remains one of the most accessible sites and is very popular with beginners who want to make their first paragliding experience. If you want to take in the sights and see the region’s famous mountains such as La Tournette as far as the eye can see, then take the plunge from the Col de Forclaz!

The famous Mont-Blanc 

From the town of Chamonix, nothing could be easier. Take to the skies and enjoy a unique experience for several minutes above the famous mountain and its many peaks such as the Aiguilles du Midi. In a tandem seat, you will be able to fly up to 3800 meters, with one of the most famous mountains in the world as a backdrop!

Have you always wanted to conquer the Mont-Blanc, from the sky ? How about trying a paragliding experience? In Chamonix, it will be possible for you to take off and admire the majestic Mont from above. You will have the opportunity to observe many well known peaks such as the Aiguilles du Midi or the Aiguille des Grands Monets, both very high. Flying over the Mont-Blanc means braving great heights, from 2000 to 3800 meters. In paragliding, you will have the impression of dominating the world!

As you can see, the Haute-Savoie region is ideal for discovering paragliding and the sensations it provides. In tandem flight, let your instructor guide you and share with you his secrets about this beautiful region which offers itself to you under its most beautiful finery.

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