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Since its beginnings in 1965, paragliding has come a long way, bringing with it a whole community of enthusiasts from all over the world. Every year, paragliding festivals are an opportunity to gather around the same fascination for free flight. Between rich encounters, exchanges of technique and spectacular flights, paragliders make the most of these few days to live out their passion. So what are the main paragliding festivals you need to know about? How can you make the most of the experience? And what are the challenges and future of these events? Find out!

The history of paragliding festivals

To understand the history of paragliding festivals, we need to go back to the very beginnings of this air sport. Initially, it was a discipline called slope soaring that was created in 1965 by David Barish, the inventor of paragliding. Over time, the technique was perfected to the point where it attracted the interest of experienced mountaineers who saw it as a fast and efficient way of descending from a climb. And then in 1979, the first paragliding club in the world was born with « Les Choucas ». It was from this point onwards that paragliding became organised and regulated.

Initially practised by a niche group of adventurers, paragliding has now conquered a worldwide community of enthusiasts. The first festivals were informal gatherings where paragliders came together to share their experiences, techniques and passion for free flight. These events quickly grew in popularity and attracted enthusiasts of all levels. Today, the best-known paragliding festival in France is undoubtedly the Coupe Icare, the biggest free-flight event in the world.

The world’s major paragliding festivals

Today, there are many paragliding festivals that stand out on the international scene. As each one has its own identity, they all attract fans of this aerial sport who want to celebrate their passion. That’s why some put on real shows, with fancy dress and a festive feel. Others offer workshops with plenty of opportunities to discuss technique and improve their skills.

  • The Coupe Icare in France attracts millions of visitors every year. It celebrates all forms of free flight in a breathtaking aerial spectacle. Most famous for its fancy dress and festive atmosphere, it also features a trade fair where visitors can learn about the latest innovations and meet the major players in this air sport.
  • The « Super Paragliding Testival » takes place in Austria and offers the opportunity to try out the latest equipment free of charge. For four days, the best pilots from all over the world are expected in Kössen for this not-to-be-missed paragliding festival. As well as exploring the latest innovations, enthusiasts can watch flying demonstrations and enjoy a wide range of concerts. 
  • The « Paragliding World Cup » and the « Pre-World Cup » are two paragliding festivals known for their focus on competition. Present all over the world, they regularly organise competitions in which the best pilots from all over the world compete against each other. But it’s also an opportunity for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts to meet and exchange ideas.

The festival experience

To experience a paragliding festival is to live your passion for free flight! On site, beginners and seasoned paragliders alike can enjoy an immersive experience over a few days, exchanging ideas and experiences. It’s also a chance for participants to fly at new and often spectacular sites.

Paragliding festivals are also an opportunity to talk to manufacturers about the latest innovations to improve flying technique. In addition, there are numerous workshops and conferences with experienced pilots who share their criticisms and opinions on certain practices.

Paragliding festivals offer a great deal of fun and entertainment, with acrobatic flight shows, convivial evenings, paragliding film screenings and concerts. As a beginner, it’s a chance to discover this close-knit community and the most experienced pilots who willingly share their knowledge.

Impact on the development of paragliding

Paragliding festivals play a crucial role in the development of the sport. By bringing together the most experienced pilots from all over the world, they serve as a forum for exchanging information to improve practice or develop better safety techniques. Over the course of these few days, they also provide an opportunity to take stock of the latest innovations in flying equipment, from paragliders to specific clothing. Every year, they also attract new enthusiasts who join the free-flight community!

The challenges and future of paragliding festivals

As they grow in popularity, the future of paragliding festivals depends on a number of key factors. And one of the main ones is certainly sustainability, with the number of participants increasing and the environmental impact of this event becoming a growing concern. This is why organisers are increasingly being called upon to adopt eco-responsible practices.

At the same time, another challenge is to adapt to technological change and the expectations of new generations of pilots. That’s why the paragliding festival is often an opportunity for manufacturers and experienced pilots to get together and continue to innovate, while remaining relevant and attractive. Finally, safety must remain an absolute priority, especially when it comes to welcoming the growing number of passionate paragliders, both beginners and experienced pilots.


More than just a sporting event, the paragliding festival brings together a community of free-flight enthusiasts. These events are an opportunity to celebrate innovation and the fraternity that reigns in this sport. Participants can meet and talk with experienced pilots who are happy to share their knowledge. Often entertaining and festive, the paragliding festival is also an opportunity to try out new equipment and soar over spectacular landscapes. And although they face many challenges in the future, paragliding festivals will always play a vital role in maintaining and developing the paragliding community.

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