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You are looking for a 100% thrill activity, you love the mountains and the idea of seeing them from the sky makes you dream ? Why not opt for the perfect Bike & Fly paragliding experience in Annecy for mixing a bike tour and a hang gliding baptism ? Accompanied by an instructor who will share with you his little secrets about the region, paragliding, and mountain biking, you will just have to let yourself go during this day full of activities. By bike and in the air, (re) discover Lake Annecy! We explain it all to you!

Hang gliding Bike & Fly flight : the program

During this day, you are not going to stop! Small presentation of the Bike & Fly flight :

  • A hang-gliding flight of 10 to 15 minutes depending on the weather conditions of the moment
  • A 4-hour bike rental 
  • A welcome drink 
  • Access to the jacuzzi and the sauna

This is what awaits you !

Start in the air

Take off in a two-seater paraglider, in complete safety, to discover one of the most beautiful places in France: Lake Annecy. The opportunity to see from another angle the unique landscapes of this part of Haute-Savoie. In the air, you will see the blue of the lake with the snowy mountains in the distance, especially the Forclaz pass, the green of the fir trees, the old town… Your guide will be your best ally to make you enjoy this moment in all serenity. One word of order, take advantage of the view which is offered to you and make the full of adrenalin. Your paragliding flight lasts ten to fifteen minutes, depending on the weather conditions, and is the beginning of a day that continues in beauty… on a bicycle!

Continue on your way

A little sport after the landing ? After your paragliding flight, take to the road by bike, for a four-hour ride through the wonderful site of Lake Annecy. You will still have in mind the beautiful images of the blue lake seen from the sky, and now you have time to discover the region by mountain bike, from the ground.  Around Annecy, the landscapes are varied and will please everyone: mountains, valleys, forests… you will be amazed.

It is even possible to make the complete tour of Lake Annecy by bike. You can count 40 kilometers. But it’s worth it: the view is breathtaking all along the way !

And relax !

End your day rich in thrills with a relaxing activity ! Jacuzzi and sauna are waiting for you, you deserve it! You will be able to relax and remember all the beautiful landscapes you have admired throughout the day, both in the air and on the ground.

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