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Paragliding is an aerial sport and leisure activity that allows you to enjoy an exceptional ride in the sky, which can last for a long time. Often confused with parachuting, paragliding is the subject of many false rumors about its dangerous and inaccessible nature. Adrénaline Parapente presents these false beliefs and gives you the real facts about paragliding.

Common misconceptions about paragliding

There are many misconceptions about paragliding. Here are the most common misconceptions about paragliding.

Paragliding, a dangerous activity

Like all sports and leisure activities, paragliding carries a considerable risk of accident. In France, 9 to 11 deaths per year can be attributed to paragliding. Most of these accidents are caused by incorrect handling of the glider.
However, if practised with quality equipment and under the right conditions, this sport does not represent a real danger, as the risks are minimized. It’s important to have the right coaching and training before you start paragliding.

You need to be in great shape to paraglide

You don’t need to be an athlete to paraglide. This activity can be enjoyed by children (aged 5 and over) and senior citizens alike. You do, however, need to be physically fit to paraglide safely. You must weigh less than 115 kg and be able to walk and jog before embarking on this adventure.

Paragliding costs a fortune

Paragliding is more affordable than some other aerial activities, such as parachuting. Prices vary according to the type of flight, the age of the participants and the duration of the flight. If you wish to fly paragliding independently, you can simply rent the necessary equipment. For the purchase of equipment, allow between 500 and 4,000 euros, depending on quality, type (new or used) and additional accessories.

You need to be an experienced pilot to paraglide

You don’t need to be a skilled pilot to fly a paraglider. First, you need to understand how paragliding works, and then you’ll realize that you don’t need to know anything to make your first flight. If you want to fly a paraglider on your own, however, you’ll need to take a course lasting a few days. The price of this course may vary according to duration and course center.

Paragliding’s little-known advantages

Paragliding offers many advantages that the general public never imagined.

Connect with nature and enjoy unique sensations

Nicknamed « free flight », paragliding gives you the feeling of being free as a bird in the sky. Carried by the wind, you fly over valleys and extraordinary landscapes, breathing in pure air. It allows you to reconnect with nature and see the world in a different way.

Paradoxically, paragliding also shows you that you’re just a grain of sand in the desert of life. You gain a more global view of situations, and learn to overcome your fears. You realize that no barrier is insurmountable, because life goes on.

Join a passionate community of paragliders

Paragliding brings together sportsmen, amateurs and individuals from all over the world, regardless of gender, nationality or social status. That’s why it’s the best way to make friends, meet new people and join a community of enthusiasts.

As a paraglider, you can take part in events and join enthusiast forums. You’ll be able to expand your circle of athlete contacts and, with a bit of luck, chat with paragliding stars like Jean-Baptiste Chandelier and Eliot Nochez.

Enjoy the psychological and physical benefits of paragliding

Paragliding stimulates the production of adrenalin, which activates the secretion of dopamine in the nervous system. This hormone is responsible for feelings of well-being and pleasure. What’s more, adrenalin also provides the ultimate sense of excitement and energy. Here are a few other physical and psychological benefits of paragliding:

  • helps improve balance,
  • helps burn calories,
  • improves concentration,
  • helps reduce stress and release tension.

Paragliding improves overall health.
Paragliding is an aerial leisure sport that helps relieve stress, meet new people and improve physical and psychological health. Contrary to certain misconceptions, this sport is affordable and not dangerous if all the right conditions are met. And you don’t need to be an athlete to take up paragliding. So don’t hesitate to try out this exciting activity at Adrénaline Parapente to explore exceptional horizons and experience new things.

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