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Paragliding is the ideal air sport for developing a passion for flying and experiencing unforgettable moments as you fly over magnificent landscapes. There are age criteria for paragliding, to ensure that the individual has the physiological and psychological aptitude for the sport. Adrénaline Parapente can help you find out at what age you can start paragliding.

Understanding age-related safety factors in paragliding

Like any other sport, paragliding is a high-risk activity. The risks can be linked to unsuitable or faulty equipment, poor physical condition or a lack of mastery of basic free-flight techniques. The main risk remains freefall, which can cause the pilot to fall or become entangled in the lines. Bad weather can sometimes lead paragliders to make an emergency landing on rocky or uneven ground. This increases the risk of serious injury.

All these risks can be greatly minimised if the paraglider pilot has the necessary sporting intelligence and adequate physical capacity to perform certain rescue manoeuvres. Age limits ensure that you have the mental maturity to learn and perform paragliding techniques. You must also be in good physical condition to paraglide alone. You must be able to understand and apply independently any instructions or advice given by your paragliding instructor.

Before accepting interested persons into their paragliding classes, some schools require a medical assessment certificate from you. The results of the medical assessment will enable the instructor to design a safe learning programme adapted to your age.

Minimum recommended age for paragliding

Initiation to autonomous paragliding flight is authorised for a minimum age of 14 in France. For some advanced flying activities, the minimum age is 16. Subject to special official authorisation, certain FFVL-approved paragliding schools can develop courses for minors aged 12 and 13. Research has shown that the human brain reaches its definitive size around the age of 12. This is the time of life when the connections in the prefrontal cortex (the seat of higher cognitive functions) strengthen considerably.

This optimises the adolescent’s ability to learn and retain information. In other words, your child’s brain is mature enough to understand and make good use of the information transmitted when learning to paraglide. What’s more, from the age of 12-13, with the onset of secondary sexual characteristics, a child’s physical and athletic capacities develop significantly. Your child will therefore find it easier to cope with the physical effort required to start a paragliding flight and manage the glider’s movements.

Naturally, the paragliding equipment and safety gear are fully adapted to the child’s size. Anyone aged between 12 and 18 wishing to take up paragliding is required to show parental authorisation before starting the activity. A medical certificate stating that they are not contraindicated in paragliding must also be presented. After the introductory course, 14-year-olds can take advanced courses at a paragliding school to improve their flying skills.

The advantages of starting paragliding at an early age

Starting paragliding at an early age allows you to develop many more skills and knowledge about the sport than an adult who started learning late. It’s possible to ignite a passion for paragliding from the age of 4 with a special children’s tandem tandem paragliding experience with a professional instructor. For safety reasons and to make manoeuvring easier, children must weigh more than 25kg before taking their first flight.

With Adrénaline Parapente’s state-qualified instructors, your children are perfectly safe, because all the necessary parameters (weather, environment, equipment, etc.) are meticulously checked. As part of our paragliding initiation programme for children and young people, our professional instructors have mastered the pedagogy needed to calm their fears and satisfy their curiosity. The flight lasts an average of 15 minutes and takes place when the weather is fine.

Considerations for older people

There is no maximum age for solo paragliding. All that’s required is that the elderly person has the right medical conditions and feels comfortable in their body. However, tandem tandem paragliding with a professional instructor is recommended for seniors who no longer have the necessary physical or mental skills. Paragliding is a sporting activity that can allow our senior citizens to get away from it all and enjoy the thrill of flying for a few minutes.

The official minimum age for independent paragliding is 14. Children as young as 4 can be introduced to the sport at an earlier age, thanks to first paragliding flights with a professional instructor. It is essential that you follow the safety guidelines and age recommendations for this aerial sport. This will help you avoid tragedies and potentially fatal accidents. Whatever your age, medical assessment and the support of qualified instructors are essential to ensure safe and rewarding paragliding.

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