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Maintaining the quality and performance of a paraglider depends on a number of factors, one of which is the folding of the wing. To this end, there are various effective techniques that can be used to fold the paraglider. Adrenaline Paragliding gives you some details that will allow you to choose the one that suits you best.

Different folding techniques for paragliders

To ensure the quality of a paraglider, you can choose from more than ten different folding techniques. Among the many methods used, the most popular are

  • cross layering,
  • the concertina method,
  • the stuff sack or compression bag,
  • the folding tube…

In theory, whether it is a rescue parachute or a paramotor, the basic principles used to pack a paraglider are almost identical. You should always start by laying out the glider and placing the lines inside. You should also place the paraglider’s harness risers in the centre and leave them on the outside. Then fold the paraglider from one side towards the centre and do the same for the other side.

After this step, you should proceed with the grouping of the leading edge cells. Depending on the technique you choose, you can do this either crosswise or box by box. In any case, you must join the caisson rods flat to avoid folds. Each half-wing is then turned over and folded into a coil on top of the other. Similarly, the air must be evacuated from the glider and then the fasteners attached. Finally, fold the glider from the leading edge to the trailing edge and pack it into a bag.

The folding tube: a combination of folding and storage

The packing tube is an improved compression bag that allows you to quickly pack your paraglider and store it easily. This bag is recommended when the leading edge of the paraglider is made of rushes. It consists of a hoop and a stretchy fabric that makes it easy to quickly insert the leading edge and store the paraglider.

Using this bag helps you save time and maintain the quality of the glider and the performance of your paraglider. The tube is very practical for folding the glider in difficult situations with strong winds. Furthermore, with this bag you don’t need to stand on the wings to empty the air from inside. The air is evacuated during the insertion of the glider into the sleeve through the hoop and the elastic fabric.

The importance of packing a paraglider correctly

Although the first factor is to choose the right glider for your paraglider, after a flight, one can use any of the existing techniques to pack a paraglider. To ensure the quality of the glider in the long term, the most appropriate packing method should be chosen first. Also, the glider should be packed correctly to protect it from various possible sources of damage. These include humidity, air, ultraviolet rays from the sun, etc.

In practice, Adrenaline Paragliding recommends that you let the wing dry naturally before packing it. You should also store the paraglider in a bag and place it in a suitable space. In any case, you should make sure that the glider breathes in the storage bag.

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