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You are going to do your first paragliding experience and you are wondering how you will feel when you practice this sport? Between the take-off, the flight and the possible tricks you will perform, a feeling of fear of the unknown takes hold of you. Don’t worry, our instructors will take you under their wing to reassure you for your tandem flight. Discover the sensations you will feel during your first paragliding flight.

The sensations at the moment of take-off

When you arrive at the flight site (in the mountains in our case), you will feel both pressure and excitement. This is quite normal, the instructor who will be with you will reassure you and brief you on safety and the functioning of the paraglider and its equipment (wing, harness, strings…). Your pilot will also give you instructions on what to do at take-off and during the flight.
As soon as you are hooked up to your instructor, you will make a run up the slope to gain speed in the glider. Your wing will then start to pick up wind, which will make you feel lighter. Once you have enough wind in the canopy, the wing of your paraglider will allow you to fly. You will finish your run in the air. Then it’s off into the unknown. Even if you feel like you’re flying into the void, you won’t feel dizzy.

Feelings during a tandem paragliding flight

Are you wondering what a paragliding flight is like? Don’t worry, there is no risk risk of feeling vertigo during your first paragliding flight, as this sensation is only felt when you touch the ground. The fact that your instructor reassures you and the impressive view of the high altitude landscapes will carry you and make you eliminate your fears. Of course, you may feel a little « airsick » when paragliding, but this does not happen very often. It is up to you to relax, feel safe and enjoy the moment.
In addition, during a tandem paragliding flight, you are in the presence of a qualified and experienced instructor. Our instructors are there to make sure you feel safe and enjoy the flight to the full. Once in the air, you will experience the feeling of freedom as you take pictures in your memory of the immensity and splendour of the landscapes that pass before your eyes. You will be in another world, that of the air. You will let yourself be carried away by the flight.
During your tandem paragliding experience, you will discover the sensations of a flight and why many people want to repeat the experience. Beyond the view of the landscape, it is the feeling of calm and zenitude that prevails. You can enjoy the soothing silence, the wind gently blowing on your face and the pleasure of this pure gliding moment. Whether you are afraid of heights or not, this should not prevent you from taking your first paragliding flight, as this « fear of heights » will disappear once you are in the air.

The sensations during figures in the air

For the more daring among you, it is possible to perform acrobatic figures in the air during your tandem paragliding flight. Of course, you will be guided by your instructor who, thanks to his experience, will be able to make you feel the sensations through numerous figures, such as the 360, the stall or the wing over. The latter is very impressive, as it involves flying over the wing, giving you the impression of being weightless.
The instructor can also give you the reins of the paraglider. You will be able to become the pilot of the machine and feel the different sensations that go with it. You will see how the wind blows in the wing, how to turn with your paraglider or how to take advantage of the centrifugal force of flying. You will also try to land the glider, although the instructor will usually take the lead at this point. The landing is usually very smooth due to the manoeuvrability of the wing.

By becoming the pilot of your own paraglider, you will be able to enjoy your first flight more. The excitement will be felt as you enjoy the flight. This is even more the case when you perform acrobatic tricks. The adrenaline is pumping and all you want to do is fly back up the slope to do another paragliding flight.

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