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Are you looking for a thrill-packed experience full of discovery? With canyoning paragliding, get ready for a unique experience! In the morning, you'll take off over Lake Annecy for a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. You'll then head off to the region's most beautiful canyons, where you'll slide down natural slides and plunge into crystal-clear waters. So if you'd like to find out more about canyoning, this is the place to go!

What equipment do I need?

For a thrill-packed experience, Adrénaline's paragliding and canyoning package is a must! With this package, you combine two high-intensity activities to fly over Annecy before plunging into its crystal-clear waters. As for equipment, you'll be equipped with a harness and helmet for your paragliding flight. You'll then set off for 15 minutes of pure pleasure to discover the Haute-Savoie as you've never seen it before.

Once you've reached your rendezvous point for a canyoning descent, you'll be equipped with a neoprene wetsuit, helmet and suitable footwear. Everything has been thought of to guarantee your safety and provide you with an unforgettable experience. Jump over cliffs, slide down natural slides, swim in crystal-clear waters... Then return to the starting point to collect your belongings!

What are the best destinations for canyoning flights?

Near Annecy, the region's most beautiful canyons are just waiting for you to enjoy a fun and refreshing activity! With water games, natural slides and abseiling, you'll be in for an unforgettable experience. The Angon and Montmin canyons, located just beside the lake, are a must-see for families. If you want to explore further, head for the Bauges massif to tackle the Pont du Diable. Closer to Chambéry, the Ternèze canyon awaits you for a 100% aquatic experience.

Adrénaline also offers a range of paragliding flights over Annecy! From a 15-minute introductory flight to a sensational two-seater aerobatic flight, you'll have maximum fun in the air. We also offer a 40-minute prestige flight for a unique paragliding and canyoning experience.

What preparation and training do you need?

If you want to combine paragliding and canyoning, all you have to do is choose Adrénaline's 10-15 minute discovery paragliding flight. Our entire team will take care of getting everything you need ready and waiting for you in the morning, so you can be equipped in complete safety. To prepare your canyoning itinerary, the company of guides will contact you separately to arrange the meeting point.

Throughout the day, you will be accompanied by certified instructors who will give you all the safety instructions you need for your flight over Annecy. On arrival at your meeting point for the canyoning descent, the guides will give you all the instructions you need to follow to use the equipment. They'll also supervise you along the way to ensure maximum fun and safety.

What is a typical canyoning flight experience?

For a typical canyoning paragliding experience, the meeting point will be at the Col de la Forclaz or at the guides' meeting point. You'll be given all the information you need for the rest of the day. Then, in the morning, you'll be ready to take off over Lake Annecy for a 15-minute paragliding experience.

On landing, head for the canyoning rendezvous point to suit up and begin your descent. Throughout your trip, you will be supervised by guides who will ensure your safety. You'll have the chance to dive into the crystal-clear waters, abseil down or slide down the natural slides for maximum thrills. When the activity is over, you'll return to the starting point with fabulous memories.

What are the benefits and challenges?

For a paragliding and canyoning activity, prepare yourself for maximum adrenalin! As a family or with friends, you're in for an experience full of laughter and splashes as you try your hand at two magical experiences in complete safety. In the air, you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views over the whole of the Haute-Savoie region and discover the surrounding area as you've never seen it before. 

As for canyoning, this is the perfect destination for water sports, with routes to suit all levels and all thrill-seekers. Among the main challenges to overcome, get ready for a day of fun and excitement. By combining water, land and air adventures, you're guaranteed a unique experience as you admire the region's marvellous sites!

How do you capture and preserve memories?

Would you like to keep a souvenir of your paragliding and canyoning experience? With Adrénaline, we'll follow you all day long, capturing those special moments! As part of the package, photos and videos are included to help you remember this magical moment shared with friends or family. To recover your images, remember to bring a blank class 10 micro SD card, which will be returned to you at the end of the tour.


If you're looking for a sensational souvenir and a unique experience, you'll love paragliding canyoning! Perfectly supervised to ensure your safety, you can take advantage of a well thought-out itinerary to admire the most beautiful sites in the region. With breathtaking panoramic views over Lake Annecy, you then plunge into the depths of the canyons for a refreshing experience. And to prolong the experience, Adrénaline will capture all your photos and videos during this sensational day!

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