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Flying in the right conditions for the best experience means having the right equipment. A paraglider consists of a wing and a harness which is connected to it by lines. Let's take a look at the glider, and the budget needed to choose the right model for you!

The specificities of the wing

As with most sports equipment, there are many different types and models. It is therefore important to know some of the specifics of paragliding gliders. First of all, there are several approvals: from A to CCC. The A-rated glider is the one with the highest passive safety, i.e. the glider can react to an incident without the pilot's intervention, so that the flight is safe. In other words, the A-rated glider is the safest, which leads us to say that the CCC is the one that will be reserved for experienced pilots. Some may say that the A glider is less fun than a CCC glider, but nowadays everything has evolved and the A glider allows you to fully enjoy the sensations in flight ! In any case, don't hesitate to ask for advice if you don't know how to choose your paragliding equipment.

The price of paragliding sails

Because of the different types of certification, the price of paragliders varies enormously from one model to another. Moreover, the offer of used paragliders is abundant, so you can find a glider between 700 and 2500 euros! Between 500 and 1100€, you will be able to buy a second hand glider that will fly safely, but will not be state of the art. However, if you intend to use it for a few hours of flying and then resell it, it will be difficult to find a buyer after having used it yourself. Between 1100 and 1700€, your budget will allow you to buy a second-hand wing, of a more recent model. Between 1700 and 2500€, you are assured of buying a used wing in very good condition and of a recent model. Finally, if your budget exceeds 2500€, it will be for you the opportunity to be the happy owner of a wing just out of the factory! This budget range is of course to be considered in relation to the different approvals of the sails you are looking for. But the price will not change so much between an A and CCC sail. It is rather the general condition of the wing (used and dated, used but modern, state of the art) that influences the price.
When buying second-hand equipment, it is advisable to ask for a check-up sheet carried out in a specialised centre.

As you can see, there is a wide range of equipment on offer. But it is necessary to take your time in order to ensure the best paragliding flights above, we advise you, Lake Annecy, to fill up with strong sensations for a few minutes. And before taking the plunge, consider booking a paragliding experience with our professional pilots, who will be happy to share their opinion on the different paragliders !

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