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Hang gliding is taking yourself for a bird. And for good reason, in a lying position, the pilot literally glides in the sky, carried by his wing. The sensations are thus well and truly at the rendezvous, whether at takeoff or during the entire flight. You dream of discovering the most beautiful landscapes of Annecy seen from above, but you may be wondering how to fly a hang glider ? Then we explain everything to you.


Reminder: what is a hang glider ?

Let's start at the beginning. It is important to differentiate between paragliding and hang-gliding. Indeed, many are the neophytes to confuse these two aerial activities.

It's quite simple, paragliding consists of a soft wing, without a hard structure. It is only under the effect of the wind that it will inflate and manage to lift the pilot. 

The hang-glider has a V-shaped metal structure. With its triangular wing, it is faster than the paraglider and generally provides more sensations since the pilot is lying down. 

If you have trouble understanding the differences between paragliding and hang gliding, do not hesitate to read our dedicated article on the subject!


How to fly hang-gliding: the theory


It is generally done on a sloping and open terrain (without trees). Some spots are even installed on the edge of a cliff! The pilot has only one objective: he must orientate himself correctly facing the wind. Once he has spotted the spot, he runs for several meters before taking off. And we reassure you right away: no, the pilot does not throw himself (completely) into the void as a skydiver would do.


The flight itself

Once in the air, the pilot must maintain an almost horizontal position. To turn, he just has to tilt the wings towards the desired direction. If, on the contrary, he prefers to enjoy the landscape, he simply lets himself be carried.



When he wants to return to the "cow floor", the pilot will fly over the runway before pushing the wings of the hang glider upwards. Thus, he finds a quasi vertical position and especially... his feet can finally touch the ground. A few strides, then it is the end of the flight!


Discover the sensations of hang-gliding: the practice

Although it is quite possible to learn hang-gliding in a school, it is best to start with a baptism first. 

At Adrénaline Parapente, and contrary to what our name suggests, we offer discovery flights of about fifteen minutes, in tandem, over Lake Annecy. This first outing will allow you to discover the sensations of this exceptional aerial activity while enjoying a breathtaking view.

For the most daring and adrenaline addicts, don't hesitate to try our Flight Sensations. On the program: acrobatics and above all, the possibility to take control and pilot the hang glider ! 

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