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First of all, what is a hang glider?

A hang glider is a small aircraft used for recreational flying. It is a simple model that consists of a wingspan, a fuselage and a tail. The wings are attached to the fuselage and the tail helps to stabilise the aircraft. Hang gliders are usually made from lightweight materials, such as aluminium or fibreglass, which makes them easy to transport and assemble.

Hang gliders are usually flown by hobbyists who enjoy the challenge of flying a small aircraft. They are also popular with flying schools because they are easy to learn to fly. In fact, many students start their flying career in a hang glider.

Flying a hang glider is relatively simple. The pilot flies the plane by adjusting the position of the wings. The aircraft then moves up or down, forward or backward, and rotates around its vertical axis.

Hang gliders are very stable in flight and can be flown in very light winds. They are also forgiving and can withstand hard landings without damage. However, they are not as manoeuvrable as other small aircraft, such as helicopters or gliders, and they cannot fly as high or as fast as other aircraft.

Hang gliders have been around for many years and continue to be popular with recreational pilots and flight schools. They are simple to fly and offer a fun and challenging flying experience for pilots of all levels.


That's it, it's decided ! You are going to jump in the water (or rather jump in the void) and book your first hang gliding flight. But even if you're very excited and excited about the idea of flying like a bird, you'd like to know a little bit more about this not-so-common aerial activity. Don't worry, we tell you everything! And after reading this article, we are willing to bet that you will just be looking forward to it.


A hang gliding flight in theory...

Hang-gliding requires extensive training to avoid putting oneself in unnecessary danger. This is why all hang-gliding baptisms are done in duo, with a state-qualified instructor. So you will not be alone at the controls!

After deploying the hang-glider, the famous V-shaped wing, the glider pilot and the instructor will run and then take off together into the void. The flight can begin. Spoiler: the sensations are exceptional up there. The lying down position gives the impression of flying through the air like a bird. The sky then becomes a real ground to explore. 

Landing is very easy: the instructor takes care of everything. He brings the canopy back to the vertical so that your feet touch the ground and you are, well arrived, memories full in your head.


But especially in practice !

OK, on paper, it doesn't look so witchy. Now let's move on to the practical side.

Adrénaline Parapente team offers you a multitude of hang gliding flight formulas in Annecy, from 15 minutes to 1 hour. But they all take place in the same way.

In order to make your hang gliding flight go as smoothly as possible, your instructor will first brief you. He will explain everything you need to know and reassure you. 

Please note : even if we provide the necessary equipment for the flight, remember to dress warmly so that you are not bothered by the cold and wind. Don't forget your sneakers either.

Then, it's time to go to the take-off site, at the Col de la Forclaz (above the village of Montmin). Once there, your instructor will help you get into a harness that looks vaguely like a big sleeping bag. 

A few strides to gain momentum, and off you go ! You're in the air ! Enjoy the scenery and the exceptional view of Lake Annecy. You are in good hands.

At the end of your flight comes the dreaded moment of landing. However, this is the simplest part: everything is done smoothly under the instructions and gestures of the instructor. 

So, ready to take off with us ?

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