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A hang glider is a type of aircraft that uses air currents to stay aloft. Unlike other aircraft, hang gliders have no engine or propeller. Instead, they rely on the wind to keep them in the air.

To fly a hang glider, you first need to find a place with enough wind. The best place to fly a hang glider is on a hill or mountain where there is plenty of wind. Once you have found a good spot, you need to put on your flying gear and launch the glider.

To get the glider off the ground, you will have to run down the hill with it until you have enough speed. When you are ready, release the glider and it will start to fly by itself. As the glider flies through the air, use your body and arms to steer it in the direction you want.

Hang gliders are very easy to learn to fly and offer a very exciting and adrenaline-filled flying experience. If you would like to find out more about how they work, try flying one yourself, or find out how does hang gliding take place, please check out your local flying club or the online hang gliding community.


The principle of hang gliding

The hang glider is a free flight device that consists of a light triangular canvas and a rigid base to which a harness is attached. The main characteristic of hang gliding is that it allows the pilot to be in a lying position. So on board a hang glider, you feel like you are flying like a bird! The aircraft is very fast and can travel up to 100 km/h! The take-off is usually done from a slope where the pilot will launch quickly following the curve, which will increase the tension of the harness and allow the hang glider to take off. During the flight, the pilot controls the aircraft by the trapeze, both to change the direction and to vary the speed. To land, the pilot approaches the runway by pushing the hang glider's wings upwards to regain an almost vertical position and be ready to touch down by walking quickly.


Strong sensations !

You will have understood, a hang gliding flight allows you to experiment new sensations, to feel like a bird, to feel free above the earth! The best is to take a first flight to discover all the wonders! Adrenaline Parapente's team of experts will accompany you on your first hang gliding trip for a 15 minute discovery flight in a tandem plane. Leave from Doussard, and trust our guides to discover the treasures of the beautiful region of Haute-Savoie. The opportunity to discover this exceptional aerial activity with a view on the lake of Annecy. The real strength of hang-gliding: in the air, you can let yourself be carried away and enjoy the landscape. A real moment of escape for you or to offer as a gift to your loved ones who love thrills !

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