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You dream of learning paragliding. To fly solo... To enjoy this unique feeling of fullness and adrenaline mixed ... How we understand you! We share the same passion as you. But as you know, for your first solo paragliding flight, you will first have to go through the initiation course with theoretical instruction and school slope. Here is what awaits you.


After your first paragliding experience, time for the initiation course !

Disclaimer! Even if paragliding seems to be a rather easy aerial activity to take in hand, you should be careful of appearances. Flying solo requires specific techniques and knowledge that only experienced instructors will be able to communicate to you. 

So don't go solo just because you loved the paragliding experience in Annecy that you did with us! The initiation course will give you everything you need to make your first solo flight go as smoothly as possible and ensure your own safety.

From the first day, from the very first hour, just after filling in a few small mandatory forms (insurance, membership...), you will have your equipment (a big bag in which you will find the canopy, the harness, the reserve parachute and the radio). and immediately, you will have this equipment in hand! The practice is done from the first morning, the tests are very quickly conclusive! 


Theoretical teaching

You won't escape it! For a few hours, you will be back in school. On the program of these theoretical courses :

  • Technical terms;

  • Air regulations;
  • Safety in flight;
  • Meteorology;
  • Course of a flight;
  • Piloting techniques ;
  • Trajectories and types of approach (S, 8, L, etc.); 
  • Forms of practice of free flight...

Doesn't it make you dream?! But these are essential notions to know, so hang on!


Practical instruction

Of course, the goal is not to drown you in theoretical information. You will of course be able to train and practice. 

And it's on a school slope that it happens. You will learn a multitude of things:

  • Preparing your equipment; 
  • Choosing your location;
  • Acquire good gestures for takeoff and landing;
  • Control your wing from front to back (this is pitching);
  • Control your wing from right to left (roll); 
  • Folding your wing...

In short, everything you need to launch your first solo paragliding flight!

In the afternoon, when the conditions are not adapted to the little chicks you will still be, you won't waste your time, but in order not to overload your mind with too much theory, you will be offered inflation sessions (playing with your wing on the ground on the landing field!). 


The course of the first solo flight

Your first big solo flight has finally arrived. A few strides, and there you are, in the air, alone with yourself! (well a little bit on the radio anyway... ;o))

You take the time to sit comfortably in your harness and above all, to enjoy the extraordinary landscapes... If you are in our region, Lake Annecy is a little marvel seen from the sky, we recommend!

During the entire flight, your instructors will be there to guide you by radio and reassure you ("more to the right", "aim for this point", etc.). They can even suggest exercises to help you progress (when the time is right, but in general the first big flight is mostly contemplative, so make the most of it).

After these few minutes in the air (yes, a first solo flight rarely lasts more than 10 minutes!), the ground comes closer and you land calmly, gently, as you have learned.

Like all the first times, the first solo flight is a magical moment that will remain engraved in your memory. So make the most of it! And if you wish to enrich your experience, don't hesitate to follow a training course. You will then become more autonomous in your practice.

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