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To take to the skies in paragliding, the weather conditions must be right. And for them to be adequate, nothing complicated! If there is little or no wind, you can still take off, the trick is to manage your take-off well, by running and launching with enough strength. With the help of your instructor in your tandem, the exercise will be easy. However, if the wind is too strong, between 25 and 30km/h, it will not be easy to take off, so postponing the big jump is the best solution. Finally, the only thing that can cause problems is rain! The fabric is not made to withstand continuous rain, which makes paragliding impossible. Fortunately, the beautiful region of Haute-Savoie offers ideal weather conditions for flying all year round. So, are you more into summer flying, blue skies and warmth, or winter flying with a view of the snowy peaks, well wrapped up? 

Paragliding in winter

Contrary to popular belief, paragliding in winter is an extraordinary experience! There is no need to wait for the summer to take the plunge. And why? Because flying over Annecy will offer you breathtaking landscapes: snow-covered peaks, pine forests dotted with snow, the tranquillity of the lake which offers you its most beautiful blue. And what's more, you can try an activity that stands out from the crowd: the paragliding flight ski touring baptism ! Start with a ski tour in the beautiful mountains of Haute-Savoie to get to the starting point of the paragliding take-off. Accompanied by your instructor, a paragliding and mountaineering professional, you will learn all about the snow, skiing techniques, paragliding and the pitfalls to avoid. And when it's time to take off in a tandem flight, launch yourself on skis! After your ski-flying tour, you will land gently on the slope with your skis on. 

Paragliding in summer

In summer, the Haute-Savoie region is decked out in blue and green! Take off over Lake Annecy to admire the colourful landscape. In the air, depending on the itinerary chosen, you will have a view of the deep blue of the lake, in the surrounding area, admire the roofs of the houses of the old town, and further on, a view of the green forests. And in summer, your first paragliding flight may offer you some surprises. What about trying the Apéro'boat formula which perfectly combines paragliding and cruising on Lake Annecy? Or the formula Baptism paragliding flight paragliding canyoning ! Go down a canyon and then reach the Col de la Forclaz to take off in a paraglider ! 

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