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Paragliding flight the Kids flight

10 min
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    Description of the special children’s flight

    A paragliding experience especially for your child, for great holiday memories around Lake Annecy. A great experience to tell your friends about and an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives! Making a childhood dream come true when you’re an adult is already great… So to have it offered to you when you are still a child is just excellent!

    This special children’s flight is a discovery flight which will take place in the morning when the weather conditions are mildest. This constraint is mandatory due to the low weight of a child and to ensure his safety.

    Your child will be able to discover paragliding in suitable conditions, for a calm and turbulence-free first flight.


    Course of the special children’s flight

    Our team will take care of your child and you will be able to accompany him/her to the take-off site to see him/her take off.

    All the rules will be explained to him/her in simple and appropriate words, as well as the principle of paragliding and the flight procedure.

    During the flight, he will be able to take the controls and fly if he wishes.

    At the end of the activity, we will bring him back to you where you will find him with a big smile!

    Characteristics and key points of the paragliding experience for children

    • Duration of the flight: 10 minutes
    • The price includes the cost of the flight and the compulsory insurance
    • The flight takes place in the morning, every day, all year round
    • The age limit is 10 years
    • Photos and videos are offered, but you must bring a blank micro SD class 10 card of at least 8GB per person to be able to retrieve the images


    Equipment to bring for your flight

    • Closed shoes that fit your feet
    • A windbreaker or a jumper (long sleeves)
    • Sunglasses
    • Clothing adapted to the weather
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